Why Spanish language should be added to your DRTV mix

Why Spanish language should be added to your DRTV mix

Significant growth in an industry is usually good in a world where advertising revenues are continuously fragmenting. According to iSpot.tv, Spanish-language advertising has been thriving with a 13% gain in national ad revenues through the first three quarters of 2023.

The appeal of Spanish-language media and the active and diversified audience they engage can add additional eyeballs to your infomercial or DRTV audience often at very attractive rates.

The Spanish-language advertising market has always been a vibrant and significant area within the media landscape. It serves a wide range of consumers in the United States with Spanish as their preferred language. Due to its general audience, Spanish-language media now plays a significant role in advertising campaigns, drawing in a diverse range of sponsors and companies.

Throughout the period, the Media Post statistics indicate that the top four Spanish-language TV brands with the highest impressions results were: With 1.3% of the total brand share, Sonic Drive-In is ahead of Burger King (1.25%), Wendy’s (1.09%), and Domino’s (1.00%). While these are not DTC brands per se, they have larger ad budgets than the traditional DRTV brands and thus can act as a barometer for DTC brands regarding increased budgets.

The rise in national ad income for Spanish-language media reflects an active and changing demographic, not just a passing trend. This tendency is anticipated to continue and possibly pick up speed in the future.

Reaching Spanish-speaking consumers should become increasingly important to DRTV marketers. Incorporating the Spanish language and culture into DRTV campaigns can help businesses connect with a larger audience, build trust, and gain a competitive edge in markets where Spanish is spoken. Marketers need to understand the cultural traces and preferences of the target audience to create effective impactful advertising. In DTC marketing, where there are continual efforts to refine ROI targets, adding the Spanish language to TV, Radio and digital marketing can be a huge lift to the bottom line adding mucho dinero.

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