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What Jail Time For Kevin Trudeau Means for the Infomercial Business

As a busy infomercial producer, I have been following the updates of the Kevin Trudeau trial and sentencing. While I admit I found a sense of justice in sentencing someone who clearly did not have the consumer’s best interest at heart, I also realized that this national news story could be another public relations set back for our industry. While the infomercial industry has matured in the past twenty some odd years and welcomed many brands into the fold and many others which have become brands due to DRTV marketing, there still remains a negativity attached that we, as an industry, must work together to squash. I am hoping that this will be another wake up call for us to rally together to promote the positive aspects of the infomercial business to prospective marketers, consumers and the press as well. The article about the sentencing is below and I welcome comments and dialogue.