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What does the most recent FTC crackdown mean for DRTV marketers?

As the FTC gets more fuel to pummel marketers,   it is evident that we need to be smarter than ever about how we are creatively presenting the products and services we are marketing. The renewed fervor this administration has manifested in vilifying advertisers, not only in DRTV and on the web, but brand advertisers as well, should be a BIG WAKE UP CALL to our entire industry to get smarter about how we are positioning products and services and the strategies behind them to differentiate, motivate and make a case for purchasing. As profit margins slide, consumers become more wary and the regulatory environment tightens, we must and  will find ways to market all the great and innovative products and services that will help improve consumer’s lives, yet still walk the compliancy line. I sure am hoping that these important issues are being addressed aggressively by our trade associations, but we, as marketers and producers, need to find new and better ways of communicating product benefits  both visually and verbally and in every type of media and feel a safety net below us. I don’t know about you, but walking the tight rope in high heels is sure getting tiresome for me!  What are your thoughts? Let’s open a dialogue. The article below explains the recent FTC actions.