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Top 100 infomercials

Top 100 infomercials – Unique
infomercial companyInfomercials have been gracing our screens since 1949 when Vitamix decided to televise a program to promote their blender. Click forward 67 years and there are infomercials saturating channels seemingly 24/7. Infomercials have become known for featuring “unique” products and even more “unique” spokespersons. The promotion within a promotion technique using catchphrases like “But Wait! There’s More” and  “If you call in the next 5 minutes” is worthy of a spot in the marketing hall of fame. Check out these fantastic examples of infomercials we conjured up, each one uniquely awesome in their own special way.
1. Tiddy Bear 
A bear for your tid-…Seat Belt! This mini plush bear relieves discomfort caused by the seat belt. It has a swivel back allowing it to adjust the straps on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle.
2. Booty Pop
 After reading a New York Times article and noticing the trend of bootyliciousness, college friends Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Reisler created Booty Pop. These underwear are sure to give your back side a boost. Now they even come with removable pads so you can pick your perk!
3. Hawaii Chair
 This chair will get your body ready for Hawaii but no promises you’ll actually make it there. The spinning motion of the seat of the chair tones your muscles as you sit. Take the work out of your workout and let the Hawaii Chair take off the pounds. Be sure to check out the infomercial for details.
4. Snuggie
 The blanket with sleeves! The creators of this must have thought to themselves, “you know what, reading a book while wrapped in a blanket is so hard, let’s give it sleeves!” Pan across the room, the inventors of the Slanket, donned in their blankets with sleeves.
5. Shake Weight
 The Shake Weight is an oscillating dumbbell that helps to tone the arms chest and upper back. Just shake it back and forth and wait for your results. Too easy? Looking for something more? Check out Shake Weight EXTREME! This is one infomercial you don’t want to miss.
6. Comfort Wipe 
Ever had a problem wiping after using the bathroom? Well this bathroom tissue extension arm is here to save the day. Never have a problem wiping again. The Comfort Wipe’s instant tissue grip technology is sure to give you a hand in making sure everything is neat before you leave the bathroom seat.
7. Potty Putter 
Look who’s back at the loo. If you plan on being there a while you should snag Potty Putter. Practice your stroke with this mini golf course that fits perfectly in front of your toilet seat. Try to get a hole in one as you take a number 2!
8. Better Marriage Blanket 
It may be natural, but no one wants to smell those silent but deadly killers. If you or your partner tend to pass gas in your sleep, completely disrupting the others slumber, the Better Marriage Blanket is perfect for you. This blanket allows for smells to pass through its cotton outer layer and get eliminated as it passes through its inner core by carbon molecules. Apparently this blanket is a marriage saver!
9. Fushigi Ball 
Fun Fact: Fushigi is the Japanese word for “Mystery” or “Secret.” In the infomercials it may appear that the ball is defying gravity but it’s all apart of the art of contact juggling. Contact jugglars use the reflective properties of the ball in combination with hand and body movements to trick audiences into thinking the ball is magical. The product description claims this is a great form of meditation and relaxation therapy.
10. Bark Off
 Bark Off does exactly what it says, it turns your pups bark off.  Using ultrasonic technology, the device interrupts your dog’s barking cycle therefore your dog no longer wants to bark. Sure barking can be a nuisance but if you dislike your dog’s barking this much, maybe you shouldn’t have a dog.
11. Music Vest
 This product from the 80’s was so special it could only be sold on TV. The music vest was, you guessed it, a vest that played music. Who would ever think that a stereo system and outerwear would mesh so perfectly together. Only one thing can make this better, a life vest! Just imagine listening to the Hot 100 while swimming at the beach. Plus, the added component of safety!
12. Doc Bottoms Aspray 
Doc Bottoms Aspray claims to neutralize odors anywhere on the body. Imagine the possibilities and saving graces during those uncomfortable moments. The infomercial seems to say it all and is certainly one not to be missed.
13. Pajama Jeans 
By far my favorite thing on this list. They’re pajama pants that look like jeans! Never again will style be sacrificed for comfort. Ranging from xxs-3x, they’re available in petite and tall lengths. Not to mention there’s 14 different colors and washes plus 5 different cuts including shorts.
14. Tummy Tuck Belt
 This infomercial states that for 10 minutes twice a day you can burn off pounds for hours. The 10 minute method jumpstarts the fat burning chain reaction that’ll keep on working throughout your day. Of course, no exercise or change to your daily diet it required. What good would this product be if it needed to be used in conjunction with actual weight loss activities.
15. IPotty 
Having a hard time potty training? Keep the kids on the potty longer by sticking a tablet in their face. This product features a potty chair and a “Special” stand that holds your tablet. It also comes with a removable cover to protect the tablet from bathroom messes. I wonder if the stand can hold ipad sized children’s books too?
16. ThighMaster 
Created and promoted by actress Suzanne Somers, the thighmaster gained a load of popularity in the 80’s. It was developed to help tone, shape, and firm your inner thigh muscles. The infomercials for this product are known for coming off a bit more sexual than probably intended, with the demonstrations of the device. Suzanne Somers is still selling the Thighmaster today and has even branched out into complete home fitness systems.
17. Ahh Bra
 Generally speaking, fact is, bras are uncomfortable. The Ahh Bra completely changes the game taking away the straps, hooks, and clasps that women are accustomed to. It eliminates bra lines and body rolls all the while delivering support. Made from nylon and spandex and using body forming technology, the Ahh Bra may just be the comfort solution you’re looking for.
18. Ped Egg
 The Ped Egg is a foot file that claims to use micro-files to remove callused and dry skin from your feet. Simple yet effective. I have used this product and must say it really works. Especially for those days you can’t make it into the nail salon, the Ped Egg comes in handy.
19. Balloon Bonanza
 Balloon Bonanza is a 12 year old’s dream. We all know what a hassle it is to blow up water balloons one by one and the time it takes. Well, those worries are behind us know. Balloon Bonanza states that it allows you to blow up 120 water balloons in one minute. It uses a special water hose attachment that has 120 empty water balloons at the end of it. Not only does the attachment fill the balloons it automatically ties them when they are full. Let the water games begin!
20. CuddleUppets
 CuddleUppets are blankets that are puppets. It’s what you get when you cross a blanket with a puppet. They are undeniably cute and come in a fun variety of animals such as the pink poodle and the green crocodile. Not only are these super cute, but the infomercial is absolutely adorable as well. It’s hare not to want to sing along.
21. Curl-a-dog 
Apparently uncurled dogs just aren’t good enough anymore. Curl-A-Dog features a mold that turns regular hot dogs into spirals. The spirals allow more char from the grill and act as flavor pockets for your favorite condiments. The infomercial even features a fantastic fun song to amp up the fun.
22. Gyro Bowl
 The gyro Bowl claims to use a gyroscope frame to create 360 degrees of spill-proof, kid-proof greatness! The open side always stays up no matter how much shake, rattle, and rolling your toddler may do. This bowl truly defies the laws of gravity; someone show Newton this infomercial!
23. ROX Ice Ball Maker 
Rox is a silicone ice tray that claims to make ice spheres. I know, you’re wondering why the shape of your ice matters. It’s because the round shape allows the ice to melt at a slower rate the the traditional cube and it looks fancy. Taste more of your drink and less water. Go watch the infomercial now.
24. Shower Wow 
Step your singing in the shower game up with the Shower Wow. It’s an LED color changing shower head that claims to take you from performing in your bathroom to performing at Madison Square Garden, or at least make you feel like it. The color changing component also can create a relaxing color therapy experience. So, whether you’re looking to relax or let out your inner Beyonce, you may be singing the Shower Wow praises while making a splash of your own.
25. Tajazzle 
We know about bedazzling, but have you heard of its frisky cousin? Introducing Tajazzle, bedazzling for your most intimate areas. Add some bling to that thing! Tajazzle is a three step system that claims to allow one to attach sparkly crystals made from Swarovski elements to their private areas….Fun!
26. Rejuvenique Electric Face Mask 
Workout that face of yours with this rejuvenating face mask that gives you a “unique” look. Oh and those electrical pulses you feel are just the masks gold-plated facial cushions working out all 12 of your facial zones. Pick up the Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask today and unmask a new you. This is one infomercial production you need to see for yourself.
27. GLH Hair Treatment 
Instant hair in a can one might say. The magical potion within the can contains fibres that are almost like hair. It’s not quite the real thing but spray some of this stuff over your bald spots and you’ve got a new look. Don’t have missing hair? Use it to cover gray spots or switch up your hair color for the evening. So many options in one can.
28. Sauna Pants
 Sweat off the pounds with Sauna Pants! Then let the sweat collect in the areas you least want sweat to gather. These pants will have you beach body ready as it uses heat to help you shed water weight from your hips, waist and stomach. After a round wearing the Sauna Pants, be ready to hit the showers.
29. UroClub
 Uro Club, in which the Uro stands for urine…or at least it should. Never be forced to pee in the woods while on hole 18 ever again. No bathrooms no problem! The UroClub is not just any ordinary golf club, it’s a urine reservoir. It also comes with a grass green towel that clasps to your waistband to keep your secret hidden. You’re golfing mates may just think you’re lining up our club but you’ll really be relieving the “pressure”.
30. FlavorWave Oven Turbo
 The Flavorwave seems to be the be all end all to help you cook up a storm. Kudos to the creators of the FlavorWave for this fantastic creation. The infomercial even features the one and only Mr. T. Check it out for yourself. 31. Forever Lazy
 Described as footed pajamas, Forever Lazy is a fleece onesie for adults. Wearing a onesie doesn’t make you lazy. Even though it will be hard to fight off the z’s after lounging around in such soft warmth. Ok, maybe it will make you a tad bit lazy.
32. Vendo Vending Machines
 In the 1960’s, the Vendo company featured Coca-Cola in one of their infomercials. The Vendo company was the largest manufacturer of beverage vending at the time. Vendo used Coca-Cola vending machines to show viewers how adding vending machines to their stores would increase sales. Smart move Vendo!
33. Chia Pet
 The Chia pet is the holy grail of infomercial products. It delivers on quality and cuteness! These figurines have been sprouting greenery from chia seeds since 1977. They have over 30 Chia Pets in the children’s category alone. I vote for Chia Pets to be put in the American time capsule that we send into space. 34. Life Alert System
 Known for the famous line of “I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” the Life Alert System is saving lives. It’s mostly geared towards physically disabled people and senior citizens, but there’s a ton of people who can use this product. For instance, children walking home alone from school, women walking home from a late night out, really anyone who has to walk. When you walk there’s always the potential to fall…or be kidnapped. Either way you’ll want to alert someone.
35. Wearable Towel
 Who knew towels weren’t already wearable or that we should be wearing them other places besides the bathroom? The creator of the Wearable Towel that’s who! They took a towel and added not one, not 2, but 3 straps for you to wear you towel in a variety of styles. From a tunic to a toga, be a fashionista in your very own Wearable Towel! Go have a look at the infomercial for yourself. You may be wondering how you ever got along without one.
36. Flowbee
 Need a haircut, don’t go to a trained and highly skilled barber, you can do it yourself with the Flowbee. Let this vacuum/precision cutter do all the work. Just section off your hair and watch as the Flowbee vacuum sucks in the hair and slices it right off. It has cutting power from .5 inches to 6 inches. The infomercial really brings it home.
37. Showtime Pro
 If you were amazed by the FlavorWave, prepare to be blown away by the Showtime Pro. This rotisserie oven can hold up to four chicken at once and cook a 23 lb turkey super fast. Also, it made $1.2 billion in sales. Take that Flavorwave!
38. Bowflex
 Move over that couch that has been enabling your potato ways and make room for the Bowflex Total Gym System. The system allows you to complete over 70 exercises. Imagine how ripped you’ll be if you worked out on this machine while binging on “Orange is the New Black,” considering you leave the chips and soda wherever the couch is. 39. ShamWow
 People watch the ShamWow infomercials for its overly enthusiastic spokesperson, Vince Offer, but they buy it because of its super absorbent properties. This cloth holds multiple times its weight in liquid and lasts more than you might think. Kinda like my sister who claims she’s been carrying around 10lbs of baby weight for ten years. It is not baby weight.
40. Tony’s Little Gazelle
 Not such a bad product, it’s the typical at home workout machine claiming to burn calories and tone muscles. What’s so special about it you ask, it’s infomercial. Tony Little himself and Darla Hunn starred in the infomercial and took awkwardness to a new level. As Darla wa on the machine, Tony would get on behind her to help demonstrate the qualities of the Gazelle. Making for some pretty sexual looking exercise routines. The machine is meant for one person’s use at a time!
41. Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer
 This Power Juicer is LaLanne’s secret to ultimate health, wellness, and weight loss. It’s extraction technology allows for you to get up to 30% more juice from all of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Getting tired of juice? Throw some almonds in there for some milk! Just kidding, you can’t milk an almond…or can you?
42. Ginsu Knife Set
 Just a regular set of knives that work really well. Like really really well… The infomercial could make it to the infomercial hall of fame. Remember that knife cutting through the can… Oh yeah.
43. Schticky 
Here’s Vince Offer, back at it again with the product you never knew you needed. The Schticky, like the ShamWow, is designed to clean messes. The only difference is that the schticky cleans up dry ones. Crumbs and pet hair are no match for the Schticky or Vince’s excitement for this product!
44. Ms. Cleo Psychic Friends Network
 Ok, so this isn’t your average infomercial but an infomercial nonetheless. Miss Cleo was well known for her psychic readings and dialect for years. Eventually the federal government came after her and those working for the Psychic Network and it’s reported a settlement was reached after quite a challenging run. Bet she didn’t see that in her future.
45. Slap Chop 
That’s right, He’s back AGAIN! This time with the Slap Chop and no it doesn’t clean anything. It chops things. The Slap Chop lets you mince, dice, and chop foods in a matter of seconds. Vince is gonna have to control his excitement with this product before he chops something other than vegetables.
46. Oxy Clean
 Cleans carpets, check! Cleans kitchens and bathrooms, check! Cleans clothes, check! Cleans up years of disappointments and mistakes, maybe not so much. But this infomercial production is pretty great regardless. 47. George Foreman Grill 
A countertop grill suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can literally hold a barbeque in your living room with this thing. Mr. Foreman, you have hit the holy grill with this one.
48. Tae Bo
“Tae” is the Korean word for foot or leg. “Bo” is the Korean word for boxing. Put that together and what do you get, a whole lot of kicking. That’s essentially what Tae Bo is, kickboxing. Tae Bo just sounds better. Where are you headed? To my TAE BO class!
49. Blast Off The Pounds w/ Richard Simmons
 The most fun you’ll have getting fit by far. With Richard Simmons you’ll dance off the pounds doing some of the greatest dances of all time. Now who’s ready to cha cha!
50. Sweatin’ to the Oldies w/ Richard Simmons 
Still have a few pounds to shed? Lose them while grooving to the “oldies.” Richard Simmons is back to help you get fit. Don’t trust that his moves work off of the dance floor? Just so you know, this fitness dvd alone made $200 million.
51. Swivel Sweeper
 Is it a broom? Is it a vacuum? Clean carpet, tile, and wood flooring with the Swivel Sweeper!!! Not only does it adapt to any type of flooring, it Swivels! How many times have you been sweeping the floor and said to yourself, “Boy, I sure do wish this broom could swivel.” So many times, am I right? Well your wishes have been heard and your first world problems have been solved. Thank you Swivel Sweeper.
52. Mystery Box
 This is literally a box of mysteries. You don’t know what you’ll get until it arrives at your home. The company does say the box can feature products ranging from, “time-saving tools to problem solving products.” If you like surprises, try the Mystery Box out or perhaps you may want to blindly go shopping in a discount store. Fun!
53. LED Kitchen Garden
 Someone buy this for me now! I love gardening but also have a closet for an apartment. All you need is a bit of counter space for this little garden. Imagine how official you would be cooking with fresh herbs. Super official, Ina Garten official. You could be Barefoot Contessa, and If it can grow herbs it can also grow other plants too. *Wink Wink*
54. Strechkins
 The tagline for Strechkins is, ‘Stretch your Imagination,” because what you see is what you get. A life-sized stuffed animal that stretches. It’s going to take some real creativity to continue playing with this toy past the 20th stretch. Some of my ideas are, use it as a really big sling-shot, an exercise band, or get the one that glows in the dark and make it your new dance partner.
55. Chip-Tastic 
Anything that is able to make chips a “no-guilt” treat is miracle from the heavens. Essentially, the Chip-Tastic is a potato slicer and a microwave tray but that’s besides the point. I repeat, GUILT FREE CHIPS! The only downside is you’re only allowed to make 36 chips at a time. I can already see myself running to the microwave every commercial break.
56. 3-Way Poncho 
Suzanna Somers is back at it again, but with clothes this time. The 3-Way Poncho, a poncho you can wear three ways. Have three events in one day, no worries, Suzanne’s gotcha! You’ll be styling at each one with just a switch of shoulders. Amazing how she can go from tv super star to bring it home in the infomercial world as well.
57. Wraptastic 
Let’s be honest, cling wrap is the evil step sister to aluminum foil. Find me one person who has successfully covered something with cling wrap and I’ll show you a liar! Wraptastic is a dispenser that puts, I mean holds cling wrap in place. Unlike the cheap blades that come on the wraps box, the dispenser has a blade that actually cuts. Cling wrap may have won the battles, but Wraptastic looks like it’s gonna take the war.
58. Invinceable
 InVINCEable is the product of Vince Offer, spokesperson extraordinaire, expanding his horizons, he has created this all natural, multi-purpose stain remover that’s, you guessed it invinceable. Vince should be an inspiration to all as seen on tv characters. One day, they too can have their own multi-purpose cleaning spray.
59. Bowl Brite
 We’ve all been here before, It’s  middle of the night and you have to tinkle. You don’t dare cut on the bathroom light and risk being temporarily blinded. Surely, you know where the toilet seat is. No, you don’t because it’s pitch black dark in there! Get the Bowl Brite to ensure you don’t sprinkle when you tinkle. This toilet bowl night light will make sure you are in the right spot every time.
60. Furniture Feet
 No it’s not actual feet for your furniture, although that could be fun, but little boots for your furniture. They slip onto the bottoms of the legs of your furniture to prevent scuffs and scratches to the floor, It also allows easy maneuvering for furniture on carpets and reduces noise made by moving furniture. The real question here is why have we personified furniture so much?
61. Engrave It
 Go around and stake your claim. Mark everything yours with Engrave It. The world is in your hands and it’s the size of a ballpoint pen. Disclaimer:  You cannot engrave your family and friends! Engrave It does not work on humans or animals.
62. Dash Cam Pro
 A personal Dashboard camera for you car. This is for the person who thinks they are Beyonce, looks at their bank account, and harshly realizes that they are not Beyonce. Practically, this device is used comes in handy for providing video footage of car accidents. If you’re Beyonce, It’s probably used to film your fans jumping on the hood of your car. Both situation are equally scary.
63. WIndow Bird Feeder
 The Window Bird Feeder is a cute idea until you realize the harsh reality of all the pigeons in our neighborhood. You bought this thinking you’d lure robins and blue jays to your window, but instead you have overgrown pigeons pecking at your window. I don’t think these were made for city dwellers. Keep these in America’s suburbs, you’ll be safer that way.
64. Laser Bond
 This product is the cooler, older brother of super glue. How do I know that? Maybe because it comes with an LED light to help cure the glue. Exactly, “Cure the glue,” when have you ever seen that as a super glue quality? Um, never!
65. TV Free-Way Digital Antenna
 I know it sounds super illegal but it’s not. Ok, so I’m not totally sure if it’s illegal but if it were could they promote it on tv? I don’t know, probably. Just plug the digital antenna into your television and get all of your favorite broadcast networks for free. Take the money you would use towards your cable bill and save it. You might need it for bail.
66. Pizza Fresh 
I’m pretty sure this was created by a college student who got tired of eating cold pizza like the rest of us. I’d be the first to admit that cold pizza is better than soggy, reheated pizza. What’s better than both of those is hot fresh pizza. Pizza fresh is a microwavable tray that rejuvenates day old pizza into day one pizza. It’s basically an anti-aging product for pizza.
67. Polar Pooch
 On those Hot sweltering days when you’re burning up, chances are your pet is too. Give them a place to cool down on with the Polar Pooch. It’s a self cooling mat that’s activated by pressure applied by your pet. The creators of this should make mat that’s human-sized but for now i’ll stick to curling up next to my little furry friend.
68. Painmaster Microcurrent therapy 
I’m not sure what the deal is with currents but apparently they can free you from your pain as well as rejuvenate your face. Place the stickers on either side of where you feel pain and let the microcurrents soothe you. Get relief while looking like you’re prepping for an EKG.
69. Gazoos
 The pet market is such unchartered territory for the as seen on tv business. Gazoos is a great product that is sure to break the barriers. A Gazoo is an interactive pet toy, that talks and bounces on its own. Don’t have any pets? I’m sure it works for children too.
70. Magic Path
 This is a coloring book. Apparently the Queen of all coloring books, considering it’s only sold on tv. All hail Magic Path and its 100 pages of magical designs. By ordering this coloring book you automatically get to put “Protector of Magic” on your resume. Watch out because everyone’s going to want to hire you.
71. Rapid Mac Cooker
 FIrst, I’d just like to say that I was unaware that cooking mac & cheese took longer than five minutes. With this newfound piece of information, I’m glad I have found the Rapid Mac Cooker. Cooking macaroni and cheese in less than five minutes. My only question is, If you were already cooking mac & cheese in less than five minutes, can the Rapid Mac Cooker make it in 2 minutes or less?
72. Star Shower
 No, this does not go in the shower, I thought so too. It goes outside, in your lawn, where it sprays your house in a shower of stars. Never have to risk your life putting up christmas lights again. Be the coolest house on the block or shine the laser light on other houses. Let everyone know who your favorite neighbor is.
73. Wipe New ReColor
 Don’t repaint, Wipe new! Wipe your way to furniture that looks brand new. This product restores shine with its special nano-polymer formula, whatever that is. Wipe New Recolor restores everything except relationships and bank accounts. Who needs that when your entire home looks brand new anyway?
74. Katana Sword
 While we’re selling cleaning products and other household items on television, why don’t we go ahead and sell Samurai swords too. During a live infomercial for this product, the demonstrator was testing out the durability of the sword and it snapped in half. The blade of the sword hit the demonstrator in the arm drawing blood. At least we know this is an actual sword and the blade is sharp.
75. Perfect Bacon Bowl
 There is no doubt that bacon makes everything taste better, but do we really need bacon bowls? Yes! Oh the foods you can put in a bowl made from bacon, macaroni and cheese, salad, ice cream, anything that you eat. Restaurants should start serving meals in bacon bowls. Imagine a Chipotle burrito bowl but with bacon. Omg! I just died.
76. Sani Sticks
 My original thought of Sani Sticks was hand sanitizers but in stick form. How that would be possible, I don’t know. What they are, are sticks that keep your drains unclogged and odor free. The sticks currently do not come in scents but they should. I’d by Sani Stick that makes my bathtub smell like lavender or my kitchen sink smell like a homemade Italian dinner.
77. Perfect Portions Containers
 These containers are proportioned to guide you in eating healthy. Each container has a labels what type of food it’s for, all you have to do is fill it up. The “fruits” container is the largest. I think that’s the one you fill up with strawberry ice cream.
78. Telesteps
 Telesteps is a telescoping ladder in which you are able to choose the height. As demonstrated in it’s live infomercial, the ladder aids in changing light bulbs or high windows. On his way down the ladder, the demonstrator missed a step and fell all the way down from cleaning a window. On the bright side, the ladder stayed in place.
79. Anti Snore Strap
 From my experience, people who snore are not bothered by their own snoring. It’s someone else who is bothered by their snoring. If this person is ok with sleeping next to you while you’re wearing a strap over your head, get rid of them immediately. Anyone who is perfectly fine with turning over in the middle of the night to you looking like the guy in the ads is a psychopath!
80. Angry Mama
 Angry mama is the cutest microwave cleaner I’ve ever seen! Fill her up with a mixture of vinegar and water then pop her in the microwave. Steam is created and comes out the top of her head as if she’s boiling mad. Never has a angry mother been so adorable.
81. Onion Bloom 
Who needs Outback SteakHouse when you have the Onion Bloom. Place the onion in the cutter and slice it up. Add a deep fryer and your entire life is complete! Bloom all types of foods with this. Everything tastes better when it’s shaped like a blooming flower.
82. Tater Mitts
 If you are like me, you hate peeling potatoes. These mitts make that task so much easier. You just slip them on and rub the potato under water. Watch as the skin peels away. The potato skin, not your skin…your skin is safe.
83. Flex Seal
 Flex Seal is liquid rubber, in a can. It coats, seals, and stops leaks. The liquid hardens into rubber. You can paint an entire room in this stuff and create your own personal bounce house. Bounceability may vary.
84. Dynamic Virtual Viewer
 Virtual Reality is super popular right now. The owners of this product must be raking in the cash. The viewer allows you to attach your smartphone and live in the middle of the action. I suggest you only use this indoors and away from sharp objects.
85. Simply Straight 
The creators of Simply Straight are geniuses! Flat irons flatten hair while brushes straighten it. Combine the two and you get simply straight hair. I personally own one of these and highly recommend it. If you call now, you can get two for the price of one, plus shipping and handling.
86. Tornado Bottle
 Not only is this bottle a mixer, but it’s also a art piece. Throw some liquid in there and press the vortex button. Watch it spin and create a tornado in the bottle. If picasso was into making dishware, he would have created this bottle/masterpiece.
87. Press 2 Paste
 Everything in life should come from a dispenser, including toothpaste. Get the perfect amount of toothpaste each time. Control the amount of paste your children use. Now back to getting everything stuffed in a dispenser. How much better would life be with a cupcake dispenser? So much better!
89. Spray Perfect
 In the edition of solving first world problems we have Spray Perfect. Painting your own nails can be a hassle, especially when you’re not using a dominant hand. Spray Perfect allows you to just spray on your nail polish and wash the excess off. Nail painting problems solved!
90. Slice Right 
I also own this item, I hate slicing fruits because they never come out the way I intend and I tend to make a mess. The Slice right cuts perfect everytime. It works on large fruits like watermelons and cantaloupes. Luckily it isn’t sharp enough to cut people because I’m a little clumsy in the kitchen.
91. Laser FX
 When your parents say you can’t go out this weekend, bring the party to you. The Laser FX creates light shows that projects off the walls. What makes it even better is that you can hook up your smartphone and it’ll play music too. So if no one shows up to your impromptu party, rave it out by yourself in your room.
92. Squatty Potty 
Apparently, we have all been pooping wrong. The only thing I felt that I was doing right is all wrong. The Squatty Potty gives you proper potty posture by aligning your colon. It raises your feet and straightens out your hips. The science of pooping.
93. True Touch 
True Touch is a deshedding glove, It removes dead hair from your little pooch or kitten with just a pet of the hand. It can remove dead hair from animals and furniture. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, I’m sure it can be used as a hair brush too.
94. Pet Cave
 The Pet cave is a cocoon for animals to seek refuge in. Its extra plush material creates a comfortable and warm shelter. So, at this point we have pet caves and man caves. When do women get caves?!?
95. Telescoping Snow Broom 
Our entire lives we’ve been taught to shovel snow. The creators of the Snow Broom have revolutionized snow removal by suggesting we sweep it. I’m so with the sweeping movement. Shovels are heavy and it takes a lot of upper body strength thi do not have. Sweeping however, takes about as much energy as tying your shoe.
96. Drop Stop
 If you drop your phone in between the seat and console of the car you are screwed. It’s Practically impossible to find anything once it crosses over into Narnia. The Drop Stop fills the gap preventing your phone from being stolen by the lion and the witch. Or, we can just not use our phones while driving, like the law says.
97. Talking Toilet Paper Holder
 This is actually a pretty good item. You can get this Talking Toilet Paper Holder to remind people to flush the toilet and wash their hands. It records your own voice so personalize the message any way you’d like. Personally, I’d record myself screaming, scaring the potty user sh*tless.
98. Juggle Bubbles 
Bubbles that bounce, float, and fly all without popping. The special bubble mixture makes for long lasting bubbles. Wear the special gloves and you’ll be able to catch them and even juggle them. Blow hundreds of them and live in a house of bubbles because who knows when they’ll pop.
99. Hamper Hoops
 Make cleaning fun with Hamper Hoops. They can help you channel their inner LeBron and dunk anything from trash to dirty laundry. The hoop fits on the back of most doors and comes with a net and backboard. The box has a bunch of children on it but I’m buying one for myself.
100. Mimic Mees
 Due to talking back technology, these little plush toys will mimic everything you say. It’ll be fun for the first day or two, then pure agony. Throw one of these and a kid on a road trip and you’ve got a family ready for vacation to be over.
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