Tips for Growing your Brand on Social Media

Raise Awareness of your Brand on Social Media

With the amount of people on social media it is important for your brand to be interactive and involved. Social media can range from many applications including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. They are all very different but these tips are guaranteed to work for all social media platforms.

  1. Take advantage of free social media tools 
    • there are tons of apps made to help edit and plan your social media layouts
  2. Cross promote your posts
    • what ever you post on one social media site post it on all of your accounts
  3. Post regularly
    • be careful not to overwhelm your audience 
  4. Interact and engage with your audience 
    • this can make or break your success on social media
  5. Use interactive hashtags and tags 
    • using hashtags helps get your account more views 
  6. Link everything
    • be sure to link your website on your social media posts and to add your social media on your website
  7. Follow and repurpose relevant accounts
  8. Ask questions to your audience
    • viewers are more likely to interact if it is made personal
  9. Handle complaints as they happen
    • do not wait when a complaint is posted about your brand or product other wise your reputation can be tarnished
  10. Connect and reach out to influencers 
    • influencers already have many followers and them promoting your product or brand can raise a lot of awareness

It’s hard starting up on social media. It takes time to see growth but is something that is well worth the wait. Activity on social media makes it easy for customers to interact and it encourages them to do more research on your product or brand. Listen and follow these tips we provided you today and you may start to see results very soon!

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