The Rise of ROI Audio Advertising

The Rise of ROI Audio Advertising

Direct to consumer marketers might be surprised at the great ROI that audio advertising can bring due to the rise of multiple streaming platforms and higher engagement through listening to podcasts and audio streaming channels. Is audio the new infomercial? Not yet, but it is fast becoming a tried-and-true performance marketing channel driving trackable actions and results, such as clicks and sales.

Audio advertising delivers performance marketers with a unique opportunity to engage with their target audience on a more personal level. Through leveraging precise targeting capabilities, advertisers can reach specific demographics and interest groups, ensuring their message resonates with the right audience.

Marketers can gather much insight from data and enhanced targeting capabilities. For DRTV advertisers, finding comparable podcast platforms in genres that have delivered on TV can be a huge advantage.

Podcasts can deliver host reads, where the hosts speak about the product or service from their own personal experience (much like an influencer of sorts) and there is also the opportunity to purchase pre-recorded audio spots in the podcast itself.

Because podcasts live on the respective platforms, there is quite a bit of drag to the orders, oftentimes coming in weeks or even months after the media buy has ended.

Tracking orders or leads through codes helps enable the attribution.

Digital audio streaming ads in local regions which have performed historically well for a marketer can be used in conjunction with national podcasts and can be quite effective.

Since the pandemic, audio listenership has grown and flourished and thus is an undoubtedly more viable channel for d2c marketers to connect with their target audience in a memorable way and enhance the ROI of their multi-channel campaigns.

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