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DR Advertising & Infomercial Production

The media seems to focus on the negative side of DRTV

Why does the media latch onto the dark side of infomercials and how they can be misleading, when the majority of infomercials out there are on the up-and-up and not “bottom feeders” described in sensationalized news shows? At a time when the economy is stifling, and media rates are rising, we need to support and encourage marketers and entrepreneurs to keep creating new, inventive and unique products and services that US consumers want to hear about. With all the crooks on Wall Street, why can’t the media leave hard working entrepreneurs alone? There are many examples of how infomercials and other DRTV outreach can help both businesses and consumers and they are not sleazy or scammy. Doing legitimate infomercials are still a great way for the entrepreneurs of the world to get their products seen by millions of viewers and get the phones ringing to purchase their products! We at Avalanche are tired of our industry being trashed and ridiculed. Please join us in providing some success stories of your own that we can take to the media to combat the negativity. Leave comments here to contribute!