Software Update

Things are changing in the tech world as Apple released a new software update which allows iPhone users to have more control over their data. Data privacy has been a growing issue that effects millions of users every day. In the past there has been little regulation surrounding the topic as data rights is an up and coming human rights issue. The new software update will help empower users to decide if they want their data tracked. So how does this track relative to digital advertising? With Apple’s new data control, users are able to decide whether they want to share their user ID which big tech companies, such as Facebook and google, which use this data for targeted ads. Advertisers and small businesses in particular rely on targeted ads for new customers. Apple’s new feature could change the way digital, direct to consumer advertising is conducted. Smart software companies are coming up with work arounds and there are some excellent solutions which involve cutting-edge remarketing platforms which can collect actionable, detailed customer information from previously anonymous website visitors, which is the next generation in retargeting and a level above the previous limiting options from facebook and google. Contact Avalanche if you are interested in learning more about these new solutions.

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