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Small Business needs a voice in Washington, DC

Small business accounts for over 50% of the hiring in the U.S. Small business represents the very essence of what made our country great. Small business can grow into large business, but they need the resources and the advantages that large businesses have in order to do so. Why does my small company pay more taxes than GE? Why do I not get the tax breaks that Exxon does? Why are the banks not lending money to small businesses who need it most? Why are none of the nincompoops in Washington paying any attention to small business? It’s because we do not have a voice. We can have a voice. And our voice should loudly and clearly be our votes. Based on the sham that Washington has become, we should vote out every single incumbent regardless of party and start fresh. That way, our voice is heard. If Washington took a fraction of what they spend in foreign countries and allocated funds for U.S. small business incentives to create jobs, there would not be a 9.2% unemployment rate. Maybe it is time we all got more involved.