National Women’s Small Business Month

National Women’s Small Business Month

October is not just the month when the leaves turn brown and people bring out their warm jackets to prepare for the cold weather. It’s also the month to acknowledge and celebrate National Women’s Small Businesses Month.

National Women’s Small Business Month was established to honor the tenacity, innovation, and noteworthy contributions that women make to the business and entrepreneurial world. The moment has come to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of women in business throughout this month. It’s a celebration that recognizes the crucial part that female entrepreneurs play in promoting innovation, job creation, and economic progress. It is an opportunity to value the contributions that women make to the country’s ideas and abilities, as well as to promote and inspire prospective female business owners.

Women still face some significant obstacles that might make it difficult for them to succeed, despite the advancements they have made. The major hurdles include access to the market and gender stereotypes. It can be challenging for female entrepreneurs to win the trust and respect of investors, clients, and business partners due to lingering gender bias that affects how they are seen and treated in the business world. Additionally, it might be difficult for women to enter traditionally male-dominated fields and businesses because they may encounter discrimination and resistance.

So, what can you do in order to empower and support women entrepreneurs? 

Promoting gender equality in entrepreneurship raises awareness of gender discrimination and stereotypes in business. Encourage the development of educational tools and training courses that give women knowledge and skills. And of course, support small businesses owned and run by women.

Avalanche Creative Services is a woman-owned small business. We are proud to be nationally certified by the WBENC.  As an advertising agency that has focused on direct-to-consumer advertising and performance marketing in the TV, digital, audio, and print space for the past 20-plus years, we’ve seen the roller coaster ride and challenges women face.

National Women’s Small Business Month is a time to honor the tenacity and creativity of female business owners and let’s join together to support women-owned businesses this month and every month.

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