Is it time for In-Game Advertising?

Is it time for In-Game Advertising?

The digital marketing world is continually evolving new advertising trends. Is it finally the right time to jump into In-game advertising? Gaming has evolved and now brands are able to integrate their advertising campaigns into video games! The rise of gaming has created a new advertising platform for brands to reach their target audience. This captivates gamers while giving them an immersive unique experience while doing what they enjoy on their smart phones. The major advantage of in game advertising is that it is a positive interruption. The gamer doesn’t need to exit their game, everything appears directly on their screen. There are many ways brands are utilizing in game advertising.

One way is through product placement. Brands are able to strategically place their products within the game, allowing the gamer to interact with them. This tactic helps build brand awareness and functions much the same way product placement has been utilized in movies and television.

Brands can sponsor events or challenges in the game itself that the gamers are incentivized to complete. This type of in-game advertising is great for building on brand awareness and creating a memorable connection between the brand and the gamers.

And of course, there is G Comm advertising, where advertisers’ ads appear directly in the games. Some platforms allow purchasing directly on the platform rather than leaving to go to a web site to purchase. This new form of advertising directly on the gaming platforms encourages purchases and some platforms even offer rewards points for purchasing in platform.

Lastly, brands are forming partnerships with influencers to promote their products in games. Influencers are a powerful resource and advertisers can take gamers through the game through the power of their social media such as live videos or short reels. This tactic enables brands to reach a larger audience and generate buzz around their products.

In conclusion in game advertising is a growing move providing brands with another platform to reach their target audience and allows more visibility to their brand. With the rise of gaming, brands are creating new ways to weave in their ads into the gaming experience. With proper in game advertising strategies in place, brands are able to easily differentiate themselves and stand out from their competition. Maybe the time has come to consider in-game advertising as part of the omni-channel media mix now and into the future.

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