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Direct Response Advertising & Infomercial Production

DR Advertising & Infomercial Production

Infomercials: Imitate or Innovate?

Infomercials. Direct Response Television. ROI TV. What ever you call it, the world is changing and infomercials must change with it. Media rates are up, call centers are having tougher times closing sales, consumers are bombarded with negative media reports about infomercial products. Attention spans are decreasing. Discretionary income is becoming more and more scrutinized. What is a marketer to do? It is shocking to me how many marketers want to imitate what other direct response marketers have done. Not only is this a poor tactic, it will likely confuse the public with your competitors. Why not stand out? Be different. Give the consumer something to latch onto. What is in it for them. Inform. Entertain. Educate. Sell!!!!! Package your offerings differently than everyone else. Look at Lady Gaga. Why is she such a phenomenon? It’s largely her packaging. Like her or not, she gets noticed. So why hide from view? Get noticed. Take risk. Stand out. Be different. Innovate. Don’t imitate.