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Infomercial Production Companies

Infomercial production companies that actually bring you positive results are few and far between. The bottom line with regard to finding the top infomercial companies lies within the results they can achieve and bring you a healthy return on your investments.

Here are some aspects to consider when evaluating infomercial companies to bring on as part of your team.

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”
Experience –While the number of years under a company’s belt certainly isn’t the only target to hit, It can’t be overlooked how important it is to work with a professional infomercial producer that has a great deal of experience. In addition to years, consider how many successfully completed jobs they have under their belt. Consider what different types of infomercial productions they’ve been involved in. While viewing the exact production you have in mind in their portfolio, be sure to look at what else they have produced to see if they’re on par with the level of professionalism you expect.

“Nothing succeeds like success”
Client history – Does the infomercial production company have a strong list of clients they’ve worked with? If your infomercial producers have been in business a long time yet have very few clients historically, it may be a sign to keep looking. Of course you may be able to garnish positive results from a newbie that’s hungry to please, but unless you’ve got very deep pockets and money to burn, it’s likely a bad idea to take too many chances on a company that has yet to prove themselves.

“Riding the pig’s back”
Historical results – If you’ve spent some time navigating the world of infomercial production companies, you may have come across some interesting stats. These can be a great resource to help you better understand the successes your potential infomercial company has achieved. Spend some time and perform your due diligence to investigate wisely. A top infomercial company will likely have a long track record of experience, a large client history and as well, be able to communicate a high standard of actual results they’ve obtained for their clients. If an infomercial production company has been able to stand the test of time amongst in such a challenging environment, you may have found your ace in the hole.

“Be spoilt for choice”
Solutions available – With advent of todays emerging technologies has come some tremendous opportunities as well. If have yet to explore the many opportunities available to you through digital & social marketing, there are some very exciting discoveries in store for you. Not only do these new paradigms offer great solutions with regard to increasing your sales and subsequent ROI, but as well, there are some great ways to utilize digital and social for testing before you even go into production. When conversing with potential infomercial companies, be sure to ask them what kind of solutions they can offer you that would work in conjunction with the traditional infomercial production you have in mind. A well rounded and well thought out digital strategy that works cohesively with your traditional drtv campaign can go a long way to increasing your results dramatically.

“Beware of Chinese whispers”
Communication – One of the most important aspects involved in any situation how well those involved are able to clearly and effectively communicate the various issues and challenges at hand. When you begin to discuss your project with infomercial production companies that have met your other criteria, be sure to pay attention to how well they are able to both listen and communicate back to you the essentials of what is being discussed. An infomercial company that fails to meet your level of communication in the early stages is likely a red flag and you should definitely proceed with caution. If poor communication is at hand in the preliminary stages, in all likelihood this is how things will continue and quite possibly become even more difficult as the challenges and stresses of a project progress through their cycle.

“Birds of a feather”
Personable Demeanor – Being surrounded by like-minded positive energy and a pleasant smile makes any road we travel in life all the better. If you sense early warning signs that you’re traveling companion maybe a challenge to work with, you may want to head the other way and seek out some better energy. What you’re about to embark on will undoubtedly be hard work and require some patience on all ends. Head the warning signs early. If you sense a dissonance, be prepared to walk the other way.

“Bet your bottom dollar”
Financial Parameters – While it’s important to partner with an infomercial production company that fits within your financial parameters, it’s very important to consider the various aspects of ROI as well. If the infomercial company you’re engaging with is able to put together solid strategies that can bring you higher performing returns on a percentage basis than a less expensive company, you’re likely better off going the more expensive route initially to garnish larger gains down the road. Simply put, if the infomercial production company can help you put more dollars in your pocket than the amount of dollars you’ve taken out, you should be in good shape. Of course you’ll want to factor in all your expenses with regard to product creation, fulfillment and distribution as well.

“The icing on the cake”
Achievements – If you’ve found an infomercial production company that meets your expectations and has a strong track record of success, congratulations. While having the above mentioned considerations in place is terrific, if you’ve come across a company that has proven track record with over a billion dollars in sales and numerous awards under their belt, look no further.

Avalanche Creative Services has separated itself from the vast pack of Infomercial Production Companies by generating over a billion dollars in sales for their clients and won numerous awards in various areas of achievement. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you increase your ROI and achieve your intended goals with your infomercial production.