Importance of Holiday Marketing

Importance of Holiday Marketing

Marketing a business or product both on TV and digitally can have seasonal importance around holidays at a time when people may be more inclined to spend. Marketing around holidays is essential for some businesses. In fact, holiday marketing over the years has become its own entity. The holidays can be ideal time for growth and awareness of a company’s brand. The right holiday D2C marketing campaign has the potential to retain existing consumers and obtain and attract new ones. It can also drive sales significantly. In fact, it is during the holidays that some marketers receive the bulk of their yearly revenue. Here are some ways that companies strategize around the holidays to best optimize for strong sales.

The first marketing strategy is offering discounts or promo codes to their landing pages, via email, SMS, social media or even on their Amazon site. Americans, especially in today’s economy, are price conscious shoppers. They know that businesses are constantly competing against each other. Offering discounts makes consumers more inclined to purchase rather than just browse. Planning ahead and distributing a series of short-term discounts that change weekly is a great way to incentivize consumers. Digital coupons are ideal because they do not cost anything to give out and they help increase consumer engagement and retention for both new and existing customers.

Another marketing strategy is providing consumers with options for gift ideas or other holiday related items. With this strategy, it is most important to fully understand who your target audience is. So many people have a hard time deciding what kind of gift they want to buy for friends and family. One huge trend that has become very popular especially on social is influencers and even celebrities endorsing products via fun videos. People always want a sense of familiarity. They want that sense of comfortability that what they are buying is legitimate. And what better way than to watch a short video of someone you trust using a product or better yet, giving their honest reviews on it! Using an influencer or celebrity whether it be in an infomercial on tv or through digital advertising to demonstrate using products is an excellent resource for marketers and really helps drive sales.

Nowadays, most people, especially millennials and Gen Z, do almost everything on their phones. They love the convenience of having a device that allows them so much possibility and immediacy which enables them to make purchases with discount codes right then and there from an ad or a video that sparked their interest. Optimizing a company’s online store to be mobile friendly and setting it up in the easiest, quickest way for consumers to make a purchase and has had a huge impact for sales.

Positioning it where there is a simple link that a customer clicks on to bring them directly to a landing page or enabling a “buy now” where they don’t have to leave the page to purchase is a great way to ensure the customer can have a seamless best buying experience from start to finish.

Enticing shopping around any holiday is a marketer’s dream and encouraging people to have a generous spirit that will feature products that score big points with loved ones is huge. With proper planning and strategies in place, a company has the potential to obtain its highest sales volume around the holidays and get the most out of their marketing dollars.

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