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How To Use Existing Video Assets To Increase ROI In The Digital Landscape

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How To Use Existing Video Assets To Increase ROI In The Digital Landscape? You’ve invested an enormous amount of money and additional resources to create video assets that you’ve used successfully on TV. Unfortunately, even with all the money, time, brain power and elbow grease invested, there’s still a very strong likely-hood that prospects who are exposed to your DRTV campaign and are even genuinely interested still won’t buy. At least not right away that is. Likely, they’ll first do a little homework and visit your website to check you out. And while this is a good thing as it presents you with some great opportunities to repurpose your video for the digital landscape, if you’re not implementing some of the strategies below, you’re likely leaving a lot of revenue on the table. According to Kissmetrics, 96% of visitors that come to your website in fact are NOT ready to buy. Additional data shows that over 75% of visitors to your website will never return… And if you don’t believe those stats, have a look at your own website analytics, and compare the conversion rates of new vs returning visitors. Don’t be surprised if you see a 3x conversion rate for returning visitors over new visitors. Ok. So what now. How do you turn those new visitors into returning visitors and eventually buyers? They’ve already seen your main DRTV campaign and clearly it was effective. But what can you do next in hopes of a 3x or more bump? On the bright side, to counter act the info above, we can take a look at another stat that should put a big smile on your face. According to kissmetrics, viewers of video are 64-85% more likely to convert after watching a video. BAM!!! This is fantastic news. So how and where can you leverage your already existing video content to work in your favor? Here are a few ideas for alternate and additional video content to create and distribute in the digital world.

* Video that promotes specific benefits as well as benefits of the benefits * Video that explains usage and possible precautions * Video that showcases testimonials * Longer versions of your content that can be consumed in smaller pieces.

Now that you’ve got this additional video content, how can you add it to your strategy to inject yourselves into the digital world? Consider some of these ideas below. Website landing pages – By embedding your video content on your website landing pages you’re in complete control. While adding the video is a great start, consider setting up a testing environment where you can see which videos perform better than others. You can take your testing even further by implementing an analytics strategy to see exactly where your viewers are dropping off and then customizing your video for maximum conversions based on the data revealed to you. Youtube – Now considered one of the most important sites on the web, with over a billion users, hundreds of millions of hours of watched video per day that generate billions of views per day. This presents you with a tremendous opportunity to get your content in front of even more traffic than your current media buy in an evergreen manner. It’s important to note that you should pay close attention to your optimization of your videos based on proper research before you even upload them. It’s a massive environment where those that strategize properly will leave those that don’t in the dust. Facebook – Reports suggest that Facebook receives 4 billion views a day and 70% of them are uploaded to Facebook directly. In addition to the massive audience on Facebook, there are several extreme benefits of promoting your video content there. For one, the opportunity for laser targeting your audience. While you can certainly choose segments based on your own ideas, you can look at facebook audience insights to gain even more info about demographics, psycho-graphics, and affinities of those you want to target in this specific environment. You also have the opportunity to target based on desktop vs mobile usage. Depending on your strategy, choosing one can be a very important consideration with regard to where your audience is showing higher conversions. And of course we can’t ignore the notion that Facebook advertising can be extremely cost effective as well. With the addition of flexible options pertaining to impressions vs clicks, you can implement a strategy that you’re comfortable with and ease into your spend. Video distribution – While Youtube and Facebook currently dominate, there are numerous other sites that you can use to leverage your video content accross the web. If you think outside the box a bit, you’ll see you can add your video pretty much everywhere. And each corner of the web offers you access to another niche group complimenting your other efforts to get more eyes on your videos. What else….? How about creating uniqe video ads and serving them to website visitors that landed on your site but didn’t “buy now”? Enter Re-targeting… You’ve likely been exposed to re-targeting numerous times. In broad strokes without getting too technical, re-targeting is simply the process of serving custom ads to those that have already visited your website. You can (re)target visitors based on which pages they’ve landed on, what actions they’ve taken, how long ago they’ve visited, as well as various other custom rules. And often times, re-targeting can be much less expensive than a campaign designed to get that first click. What’s so great about that? Re-targeting has shown to increase ad response by 400%!!! (cmo.com) How’s that bump looking now? The opportunites to utilize your existing video content and increase your ROI in the digital landscape are endless. Want to put some of these strategies to work for you? Contact us today.
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