How the Male Gaze Dominates Advertising

The Male Gaze can be described as the inclusion of women in media where they are often objectified to please a heterosexual male audience. This continues in the media we see today because many men hold positions that allow them to have control over the content. Because women have struggled to get to the high status and powerful roles men hold there hasn’t been an opportunity to change the narrative. Within global media it is much more common for women to be depicted as sexual objects compared to their male counterparts.

According to data intelligence company Morning Consult, only 29% of American women believe they are represented accurately in advertising. Another study called “Rewrite Her Story” looked at women in film and analyzed 56 of the highest grossing movies release in 2018 in 20 countries. The study found that the women in these movies were almost four times more likely to be sexually objectified. Movies, advertisements, media and much more is often influenced by the male gaze. To have better representations of women within advertising, more women need to be hired into leadership roles. Avalanche Creative Services is run by a strong female team. We are here to advocate for better representations within advertising, DRTV, and social media.

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