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Infomercials are a great way to sell a variety products and services. They’ve been used successfully to sell toys, vitamins, fitness equipment, pet products, cooking utensils, beauty products, financial services and pretty much anything else you can imagine. While taking the initiative to launch and sell a product can sometimes be daunting, many marketers begin their process by seeking to invest in products or services that have shown to stand the test of time. Here are a few categories that are often able to bring in fruitful returns even when times are economically challenging.

There’s No Psychiatrist In The World Like A Puppy Licking Your Face.

There are about 123 million households in the US with pets. If that’s not eye opening, how bout considering that in 2015, people in the U.S. spent roughly $60 billion dollars on their pets. With these statistics it’s pretty clear why this is an industry to consider launching a product in.
In addition to the obvious choices within the pet arena such as toys, treats and grooming products; products that can help train pets or that are designed to solve any type of pet related challenge have the potential do very well. If you’ve got an idea for a new pet product dancing around in your head, it might be time to bring it front and center for some serious evaluation.

Everything Has Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It

Beauty is a booming industry. Whether it be for hair, makeup, skin care or otherwise, the obsession to look healthier and younger is overwhelming. And while this segment used to be primarily focused on women, today in the US, men make up 43% of the market. Products such as moisturizers, anti-aging creams, facial cleansers, concealers and hair growth supplements & solutions, present a massive opportunity that is likely not going away anytime in the near future. If you see an opportunity to make your way into the beauty niche, be sure to take a closer look.

If They Build It

DIY is a major trend. More specifically bringing out your inner home-maker is an obsession that’s been sweeping the nation. People are adding their own unique personality to their homes and are using it as a way to not only show off their skills and creativity, but also to increase the value of their property. The DIY niche can be successful at generating revenue targeting both the creative types as well as the frugal and It can bring in substantial financial returns for those that implement it wisely. As long as real estate remains a leading investment among those seeking to build their nest egg, the DIY market isn’t going anywhere. To put some numbers behind the notion, Home Depot’s 5 year trend has continued to climb upward every year by a minimum of 3 billion per year. Got an idea for a DIY? Do it yourself!

A license To Print Money

People are always looking to save money as well as make money. It’s one of the most popular niches you’ll ever come across. In fact, if you take a look at search data on Google, you’ll see some very large search terms associated with it. For example, “How to make money” receives 301,000 searches per month on Google. With this in mind, it’s quite clear that if you can move forward with a product or service that can fulfill these desires or needs, you may be on your way to greener pasture.

Food For Thought

We all have to eat. Adults and children alike love going out to enjoy a meal and the experience that goes along with it. With this in mind, the food industry can be a great niche to get involved in. If you’ve ever heard of Lee Iacocca, it was his uncle, Theodore that had the notion to begin selling hot dogs in 1922. By 1929, when the great depression hit and many were struggling to survive, the hot dog business pushed through the tough times and still continues it’s success today. It’s worth noting that while simple foods have been the main offering during previous times, in recent years, fast food chains have been offering healthier options that cater to the health conscious and those that stay within a strict diet. Focusing on these niche eaters such as vegetarians, vegans and gluten free eaters could be a great place to start bringing in the bread.

Cook The Books

In many cultures food is a foundation that brings people together across the world. Whether it be a dinner for two or a family feast come holiday time, products that can help facilitate the preparation of a meal offer a huge opportunity. An interesting consideration with regard to this market is the benefits that your product offers. Saving money, time, adding health benefits or simply adding a level of fun to the ordinary tasks involved in food prep can certainly bring home the bacon.

Don’t Take The Chill Pill

Whether we like it or not, taking care of one’s health is a part of life. No one likes getting sick or having health problems but we’re all forced to deal with this throughout our journey on this planet. With this in mind, products such as vitamins, supplements and herbs have huge potential. And unfortunately people that are facing health challenges have no choice but to seek proper solutions. This presents a tremendous opportunity. Additionally, as people are less frequently visiting doctors, due to a large percentage of the population being uninsured or underinsured, topicals, ingestibles and other types of natural solutions are growing in popularity at an incredible pace. According to the CRN (The Council for Responsible Nutrition) as of 2014 over 68% of Americans take some sort of vitamins or supplements and over 80% express overall confidence in the safety, quality and effectiveness of dietary supplements. Be sure to examine the health supplement niche closely when you’re ready to get your bank account in shape.

The Show Must Go On

Throughout time entertainment has always had a stronghold on society. From ancient Rome, where tens of thousands of people often decided the fate of those less fortunate, to present day video games where players of all ages obsess over conquering new journeys on screens of all sizes; entertainment presents a massive opportunity that seemingly is not going to disappear anytime soon. And with the numerous channels for engagement as well as distribution, there has not been a better time to take advantage of the entertainment niche. Music, movies, TV shows, apps, games… the opportunity is seemingly endless. Just be careful that whatever moves you make are well thought out. One wrong move can put you in the land of misfit toys with the ever so unpopular “BetaMax”.

Knock Knock

Even though these categories are each unique, they all offer great opportunity for success. Be sure to do plenty of research with regard to competition, technology, desire and trends related to anything that may be relevant. While these are some niches that have stood the test of time, as our current environment moves at such a frantic pace, be sure to stay current with as many resources as you can and be on the lookout for any challenges people are having with current solutions and with solutions that are yet to be created. Once you’ve got yourself a solid foundation, make sure to continue doing your homework and plan properly so when you’re ready, your infomercial production and marketing strategy will knock it out of the park. Onward!