DRTV Is Finally Ready For OTT

DRTV is Finally Ready For OTT

Multimedia video streaming web banner background. Television wall broadcasting concept

The way audiences consume media and watch television has continued to evolve significantly in the past two years. Although traditional TV and DRTV can still be effective when targeting specific demographics, the rise of streaming platforms has opened up the ability to target all demographics with relevant ads. And since consumers of all ages embrace online video consumption, this shift in viewing habits has allowed for numerous new opportunities for companies to advertise on additional platforms.

Viewers can now watch all content broadcast on TV in different locations, on different devices, and in different ways because they have internet access. The creation of streaming platforms has also made OTT possible, or “Over The Top” marketing, allowing advertisers to deliver content to people who have disconnected cable tv. OTT allows for individualized content provided to viewers’ TVs while they watch the same content, making it a targeted ad delivery on Internet CTV sets. Because of OTT, advertisers can expand their target audience reach that was previously only available on traditional tv, while simultaneously optimizing their campaign budget.

In terms of formats, OTT ads are not always skippable and are usually watched until the end. Video ads and banners are the most common ad formats. As these platforms evolve, the possibilities broaden, and advertisers can launch more dynamic ads with interaction.

Some important stats to know if you’re interested in advertising on OTT:

  • 43% of US citizens agree to watch ads in exchange for free content.
  • 65% of users will browse product information using an additional screen on a mobile device. Meanwhile, they will watch the original digital content using their main screen.
  • Advertising accounts for 51% of OTT market revenues.
  • The largest projected increase in video consumption is predicted to be among ages 45-54

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