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Direct Response Advertising & Infomercial Production

DR Advertising & Infomercial Production

Don’t give up advertising just because one media doesn’t work

Infomerical advertising. What has become of it? Why is there a lack of new advertisers coming to the fold? Could it be that there is currently a problem with short form DRTV? Call centers. Media rates. Fresh creative ideas. Yes. These are all problems. Serious problems. What are marketers to do? Give up? NO!!!!!! Short form DRTV marketers need to try other options. Radio. Print. Digital. Mobile. Longer format TV. If you have a great product, you need to find your audience even if it’s a smaller niche , they are certainly somewhere. We have many challenges facing our industry today. We need to focus on solutions. We, at Avalanche, have been thinking out of the box for our clients for 10 years in whatever media makes sense – from guerilla tactics to more mainstream. If one way does not work, try another and another. We all need the brilliant entrepreneurs that come up with all the great product ideas. We are here for you to try to help make you money and let consumers know about your great products. Don’t give up! Just try something different. It certainly has not helped that the media has been attacking the infomercial industry lately. Why don’t they go after the criminals on Wall Street and leave the entrepreneurs alone! Main Street needs a voice. Let that voice be the innovative products and services that need to be brought to market in rational, cost effective and creative ways.