Don’t forget SMS in your Omni Channel Marketing Mix

Don’t forget SMS in your Omni Channel Marketing Mix

Direct to consumer marketers are always looking to up their game by increasing sales at every touch point with consumers. Interactions through mobile devices are becoming more critical and SMS is a convenient resource that marketers are turning to more frequently. In today’s world, consumers are constantly bombarded with ads and marketing messages throughout multiple channels. Yet one of the most personalized and effective methods for boosting company sales is through short message service aka text messaging.

SMS marketing by definition is the practice of using text messages for marketing purposes. These messages are delivered in real time and can be used to inform customers of upcoming sales and promotions. According to consumers, the most beneficial text messages they receive are related to appointment reminders, delivery updates, booking confirmations. However, optimizing text messages to inform of sales and other promotions can be a foolproof technique.

SMS marketing is relatively easy to set up. It does not require any special software or additional equipment. This is most attractive to many companies particularly because it is highly cost efficient. This holds true especially for small companies and start-ups.

SMS marketing enables a business to hone in and target a specific group of customers. One way of doing so is with custom messaging. This allows a company to reach its highest and most valuable customers. By reaching out to customers directly, especially when most people’s cell phones are super accessible and always in hand, it negates any possible interferences.

The last benefit of SMS marketing is increased engagement. SMS marketing is a 2-way channel of communication. It permits a business to interface with their customers and receive immediate feedback. Customers are all about the experience these days and this personalized approach is a great tactic to build customer loyalty and open the door for repeat business.

SMS, in comparison to other forms such as email, has a much higher open rate and almost all are read and opened by their recipients. It continues to be a proven method for business to reach and engage with their customers. With SMS marketing software in place, a marketer has the advantage of being able to very closely monitor it’s customer interactions be ready to generate new messaging strategies and tailor them accordingly. The SMS market continues to grow due to the high open rate and increased rate of mobile devices SMS marketing is an ideal strategy for marketers whose goal is to expand their sales, grow their reach, and build on their customer database.

Lead capture through social media platforms and landing pages allows a marketer to build a database of not just emails but also mobile phones as well, thus leveraging ad dollars not only to make sales, but to build on future sales and customers through this interaction.

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