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DR Advertising & Infomercial Production

I have a camera. Why can’t I just shoot my own infomercial?

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I have a camera. Why can’t I just shoot my own infomercial? If the internet and smart phones have done one thing, it has been to level the playing field on putting video cameras into people’s hands in order to record everything they see and do. With that comes a perception that video is simply a commodity. That anyone can point and shoot and create content. Well, that is true. However, creating a piece of compelling content designed to motivate consumer behavior is a bit harder than it might look and best be left to experts who have already learned countless lessons, made mistakes and are direct response experts who can properly navigate this course and give marketers a higher chance for success. Put it this way. If you were about to undergo brain surgery, would you rather hire a surgeon who has performed that operation 2 times or would you rather have someone who has performed it 2000 times? Marketing a product or service in today’s world is harder and harder. It is harder to break through the clutter. Harder to get targeted customer engagement, harder to get someone to pick up a phone or go to a web site, harder to get the order. Infomercial and DRTV specialists have insight into consumer trends, category relevance, recent data on demographic and behavioral response rates, creative, marketing and offer trends and so much more. While your nephew may own a great video camera and understand how to edit video, it may be penny wise and pound foolish to give him charge of an infomercial production that has one shot at succeeding. And the price that will be paid for lack of experience, be it in lost sales, legal action, or other types of errors, is far higher than it would have been to hire a professional for the job.
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