Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest trends in advertising, digital adverting, and a social media topic, especially in 2020 and 2021 is Artificial Intelligence. “Artificial intelligence makes it possible to reduce resource use and process vast amounts of data, and, in certain cases, make better decisions than humans” (quoted from  []( ) it’s already taking over many simple jobs. According to a Stradigi AI article, 73% of marketing leaders are using AI and seeing the benefits For example, Microsoft and Uber use  [Knightscope K5 robots](  to “patrol parking lots and large outdoor areas to predict and prevent crime. The robots can read license plates, report suspicious activity, and collect data to report to their owners.” You can rent these R2-D2-like robots for  [$7 an hour](  – which is less expensive than a human security guard’s wage: (information from  []( ) But many can argue that this trend is taking away jobs of hardworking people and eliminating their jobs. The other problem with AI is the start-up cost is astronomical and so is maintaining these huge machines. These machines also lack the creativity that their human counter parts hold. So, the question is will AI replace the humans or will the human kick AI to the curb. All we know for now is that AI is a growing and booming business that has just started. What’s your take on the issue? We wonder how it could influence direct response advertising, TV, and social media. 

The competition between humans and robots in tug of war concept

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