Advertising Shifting during the Pandemic

The pandemic has created a shift in the way so many businesses operate, including TV production.  There is a new normal which has been adopted and new practices incorporated, which could be with production long after the pandemic, as there is a now heightened awareness of health and safety.  There is more opportunity for virtual production, utilizing live streams and remote recording.  For on set production, new protocols include having a Covid compliance officer who sends out covid questionnaires in advance and on set, taking temperatures, monitoring social distancing and mask/shield compliance, as well as having hand sanitizers readily available to all and misting all high touch surfaces with disinfectant.   There are no more buffet meals or universal craft services. All food is individually boxed and snacks are individually wrapped and bagged.  There are smaller crews to be more able to social distance and thus far clients have not been returning to set,  but with sophisticated live streaming (including multi camera shoots) real time to clients, interaction and consultation during shooting is remarkably productive.  So in advertising, the show must go on and between virtual and live shooting,  we are able to continue making digital advertising content, TV commercials and more. How has your industry changed in the past year?

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