Advertisers Forced to leave Twitter

Advertisers Forced to leave Twitter

A company’s morals and ethics gravely impact an advertiser’s level of comfortability with being associated. For years Twitter has had great success with social media marketing as well as being utilized as an outlet for digital advertising & marketing. For consumers, Twitter has always been a haven for people to say what they were feeling. It was a place where they could say things that they couldn’t get away with doing elsewhere. However, there were still some rules and restrictions to this.

Most recently with Elon Musk buying out the company he has made it an open-door policy, and anything goes. People who were once banned are now allowed back to the platform. Digital Advertisers along with many other users are jumping ship. With their main concern being brand safety, the fact that the owner of Twitter has become a Twitter troll and Twitter being lawless are enough reasons they need to pull away.

For the majority of 2022, Twitter has been battling back and forth with Elon Musk. He has been waffling back and forth where he wants to buy the company and then changes his mind. With Musk in charge there will be major consequences for Twitter and people are fleeing right and left. There have been massive firings, angered staff and anybody has the given right to tweet whatever they desire. This has a major impact on marketer’s comfort level with utilizing the app. Advertisers have decided to part ways with Twitter to protect their brands. There has been no official indication yet, but it is more likely that advertisers who jumped ship will allocate more interest in other outlets such as TikTok and Facebook to display their ads. Other forms of advertising such as DRTV, DTC & CTV will also be affected negatively due to companies no longer providing their Twitter “Hashtags” in their ads.

Due to all these hardships this prominent company is experiencing, advertisers continue to properly strategize and think of alternative means of running their ads and promoting their brands. Companies are deeply committed to serving their consumers and they rely heavily on the power of social media. Unfortunately, for many advertisers Twitter will no longer be a part of their digital advertising delivery mix. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have an omni channel strategy. Although we are in the early stages of Elon’s ownership of Twitter, it should be very interesting to see how the other social media platforms are affected in the long run.

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