Can YouTube finally be the next Frontier for DRTV marketers?

YouTube has been a household name since 2005. As technology continues to evolve, YouTube has learned to adapt to the needs of their consumers and marketers. In the early You Tube years, DRTV marketers had a rough time on You Tube with positive ROI, conversions and D2C performance metrics. Since the pandemic, videos that are much like short form DRTV are running successfully on YouTube with 800#s. And all age demographics are using it as a major source for education, information, and search.

In the past year, YouTube has been booming with content and performance, especially for ROI.  According to recent YouTube stats, this renowned world-wide video sharing platform currently has over 2.6 billion users. The only other platform that outweighs them to date is Facebook.

YouTube has recently announced the addition of some new and exciting features. The biggest feature is a new analytics tool which is based on the user’s interaction, search, and engagement activity. It shows D2C marketers how their viewers are interacting on the platform. This helps gather a better understanding of their audience and helps them decide what kind of videos are most connecting with consumers.

Another innovative function of these new features is providing the ability to see the specific kinds of videos that are currently trending. This has been a popular element to other platforms like TikTok.

As technology continues to expand, YouTube is trending to keep pace with progress. Due to its easy accessibility, it has an unbounded reach and continues to be a great resource for advertisers, content creators and consumers globally.  Is it finally time for DRTV marketers to fully embrace You Tube as a viable platform for sales and conversions? Many D2C folks are taking the plunge and doing just that.

Another great way to utilize the power of You Tube is to test short form campaigns on You Tube prior to testing on air. For very small media dollars, marketers can get a litmus test of how different creatives are performing and making any tweaks prior to moving forward with a more expensive media buy on TV.

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